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  • We are proud to announce our Group's 2017 Impact Factor. This is an unofficial metric, calculated by Wiley, the publisher of the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews which has the official 2017 Impact Factor of 6.754.  
    November 29 2018
  • We have published our first protocol for a systematic review of prognosis studies - The added value of different biomarkers to the Revised Cardiac Risk Index to predict major adverse cardiac events and all-cause mortality after noncardiac surgery! We are part of the prognosis review intiative within Cochrane as described in this Cochrane...
    October 17 2018
  • We are undertaking or supporting several priority setting exercises to identify the most important research questions that can be answered with a systematic review. Find out more about our activities here. 
    July 19 2018
  • Are you living with Heart Disease and are interested in helping Cochrane Heart focus on research relevant to your condition? We aim to prepare, maintain and promote the access of systematic reviews of the effect of interventions for treating and preventing heart disease.As someone with experience of heart disease, we would welcome your...
    July 19 2018
  • Find out how the partnership  between Cochrane and WHO contributes to the WHO evidence-based nutrition guidelines. Along with other Cochrane Groups and the Cochrane Nutrition Field in particular, Cochrane Heart, with thanks to author teams lead by Lee Hooper and Celeste Naude, provides four systematic reviews to inform the latest...
    June 21 2018
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