For consumer reviewers

We aim to include at least one consumer reviewer in each of our manuscripts (as per the Cochrane peer review policy). We operate an open process. This means you will know the names of the authors of the review and the authors of the review will know your name. Your support will be acknowledged on our website and you can opt in/out of being acknowledged in the published protocol/review.

What is a consumer reviewer? A consumer reviewer is a patient that has experience of the disease or intervention. For our Group, a consumer is someone that lives with heart disease or cares for someone with heart disease. The feedback provides a layperson's perspective to complement the feedback provided by our clinical experts.

How can you get involved? We aim to prepare, maintain and promote access to systematic reviews of the effect of interventions for treating and preventing heart disease. We seek your input at all stages of the review process. You may be asked to feed into the selection of new topics. Or we'll ask you to let us know whether the outcomes for a review are relevant to patients and their families. For reviews, we will ask whether the section of the review that is aimed at a wide audience (the plain language summary) is easy to understand, informative and a true reflection of the review's findings. 

How will you comment? We provide online forms with a set of questions to guide you. There is also one open question where you can say anything of relevant to the improvement of the protocol or review that is not covered elsewhere. 

How long do you get to review a protocol/review? We usually ask you to return comments for a protocol in two weeks and for a review in three weeks. A clear due date will be given when you agree to do a consumer review.