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Cochrane Heart is an editorial group working worldwide to publish systematic reviews about the prevention and treatment of heart diseases. Systematic reviews summarise research evidence to inform clinical practice and policy decisions. 

Your questions will help us to decide on new topics for future reviews and to make existing reviews more relevant to you.

Questions for our systematic reviews usually consist of four elements - Who? What? Compared to what? What for?

An example would be: Is yoga (what?) more effective than not doing yoga (compared to what?) for the quality of life (What for?) in people with heart failure (Who?)?

Another example: Do people with a high risk of heart disease (Who?) reduce their risk (What for?) when they reduce their intake of saturated fat (What?)?


We confirm that any personal details will be treated as confidential. If you provide your email address for the purpose of being kept up-to-date about this survey, we will use your email address only for this purpose and will not pass your contact to anyone else. We are under no obligation to respond to each participant. There is no guarantee that submissions will lead to a systematic review. The results of this survey will be published on our website. The survey closes on 31 December 2016.