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  • Five online modules for Cochrane editors are now available to cover common errors - inconsistencies/inacurracies, GRADE and interpretation of findings, interpretation of statistical results, summary versions of a review and check your knowledge. 
    September 27 2017
  • Cochrane Heart is taking part in the Living Systematic Review pilot. Our review Interventions for increasing fruit and vegetable consumption in children aged five years and under has been published on 25 September 2017 and is now a Living Systematic Review. Searches will be run and screened on a monthly basis and relevant evidence is...
    September 26 2017
  • NEJM Ask the authors & experts - Oxygen therapy for suspected acute myocardial infarctionJuan Cabello, author of Cochrane review Oxygen therapy for acute myocardial infarction, is one of the experts in the NEJM discussion on the same topic. The discussion is active from 27 September 2017 to 7 October 2017. 
    September 26 2017
  • We are sad to announce the closure of our Satellite in Chicago, USA., by the end of September 2017. Read about the achievements of the Satellite team here.
    September 26 2017
  • Find out more about how we are addressing the outcomes of our priority setting exercise for our reviews on atrial fibrillation, nutrition and how we involved the public in setting priorities. 
    August 14 2015
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