Editorial staff

The Heart Group editorial base is in London, UK. We have a Satellite Group in Chicago, USA. Conflict of interest declarations are available for the Co-ordinating Editors and the Editorial Team

See here for the conflict of interest statements of the editorial staff. 


JP CasasJuan-Pablo Casas, Co-ordinating Editor
Pablo PerelPablo Perel, Deputy Co-ordinating Editor
Nicole MartinNicole Martin, Managing Editor
Charlene Bridges, Trials Search Co-ordinator
vacant, Systematic Review Specialist
David Prieto-Merino, Statistician
Julie Taylor, Financial Administrator

Advisory Panel (London)

  • Amitava Banerjee, University College London, UK
  • Aroon Hingorami, University College London, UK
  • Pier Lambiase, University College London Hospitals, UK
  • Carlos Morillo, McMaster University, Canada


Mark HuffmanMark Huffman, Co-ordinating Editor
Abigail Baldridge, Managing Editor
Mark BerendsenMark Berendsen, Trials Search Co-ordinator

Advisory Panel (Chicago)

  • Kay Dickersin, US Cochrane Center (Director) and John Hopkins University
  • Larry Hedges, Northwestern University
  • Donald Lloyd-Jones, Northwestern University
  • Bonnie Spring, Northwestern University
  • Rose Marie Robertson, American Heart Association